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Recently had a meeting with a loving and stylish couple who booked me for their August 2014 wedding. In the meeting we talked about how bore the wedding photography is now. It seems like they are looking at the same template from different photographers.

Thanks to technology, it’s getting easier than ever to become a photographer now.

People just go to any electronice store to pick up a DSLR and call themself “photographer”. Most of those photographers are freelance, just wanna make some extra money for their expensive hobby, and they porbably don’t have any professional training and education, and lack of experience before photograph you wedding. You can easily find their packages under $1,000, with 2-3 photographers for the whole day, thousands of photos in DVD. In the DVD, you probably find about 20-30 photos are good, but none of them are great!

Can you find Louis Vittion bags in Walmart?

Here is the idea we came up with, and would love to share with you all here.

Just hire the photographer you love with the lowest package/collection. By doing that, it will guarantee there at least some great photos instead of none! It’s one of the most important days in your life, it’s a celebration for a new charpter in your life, and it’s important to have a great photographer to help you create timeless, stylish and artistic memories you can cheished for generations.

Hope this idea helps you find the perfect photographer for your wedding, I’m looking forward to hear and learn more about your wedding.

Feel free to email me your question(s) to   gallant@gallanthophotography.com

Just a reminder, From May to October of each year is the peak season, so please confirm booking with all your vendors no later than 9 months away from your wedding.

And to be a little bit more helpful, I’m now offering a 20% off Quality vs Quantity discount. My wedding collection start as low as $2,400, with discount code, it’s now only $1,920!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

GHP 2014 flyer Q vs Q 20%